Mill Creek High School SAT Prep Courses

Mill Creek High School and Cornerstone Academic have teamed up to provide our 34-hour SAT Preparation Course at a discounted rate to ensure that students have an opportunity to prepare for the SAT before they take an official administration. The average student improvement across the 10,000+ students we have served is 147 points!

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Spring 2018 Mill Creek SAT Prep Courses Schedule

Who Can Take the Course?

The SAT Preparation Course is open to any MCHS Sophomore or Junior. If you aren’t a Sophomore or Junior, you can still sign up for our regularly scheduled SAT Preparation classes here.

Course Structure

The courses at MCHS are designed to prepare students for the March 10, May 5, and June 2 administrations of the SAT exam. The SAT Preparation Courses are set up such that students will receive classroom instruction, as well as diagnostic testing with full score reports. Students may select any one of the scheduled courses to attend.

Students will gain 18 hours of instruction and 16 hours of practice on official SAT materials.


To participate in the program, please register for an SAT Preparation Course at Mill Creek High School. See the calendar for a breakdown of the courses. All courses will meet at Mill Creek High School (Classroom TBA) according to the schedule on our SAT Prep Courses Page.

In order to qualify for the $50 perfect attendance rebate, students must attend ALL scheduled sessions for their course AND complete the two take-home diagnostic exams assigned during the course and submit them to the instructor for grading.

Parents and students have a variety of options for payment during registration:

  • Payment in full of $299.00 (regular price: $499.00)
  • 4 weekly payments of $79.99 (processing fees included)
  • 6-month no-interest option via PayPal Credit (subject to approval by PayPal)

Course Schedules

Courses are offered as follows:

  • 3:15 – 6:15 PM* – Tue/Thu – Feb 13 – Mar 08
  • 3:15 – 6:15 PM* – Tue/Thu – Mar 27 – Apr 26

*The first and last days of each course are four hours long and will be held from 3:15 – 7:15 PM to accommodate Diagnostic 1 and Diagnostic 4.


Any updates (room number changes, etc.) will be stated here.

Our Partnership with MCHS

Cornerstone Academic and Mill Creek High School have partnered to provide top-notch SAT preparation to MCHS students. The regular fee for the 34-hour SAT Preparation Course is $499. In partnership with MCHS, Cornerstone Academic is offering a discount of $200 to all qualified students; this brings the course fee to only $299!

Additionally, if all requirements are met as set forth by Cornerstone Academic, then Cornerstone Academic will refund $50 to the student; with the refund, the fee for the course is only $249!

The following requirements* must be met in order to be eligible for the $50 refund from Cornerstone Academic:

  • Attend ALL scheduled sessions in your course, including designated make-up days due to inclement weather. There are no make-up sessions scheduled for missed classes.
  • Complete both take-home diagnostic exams (Diagnostics 2 and 3) and submit them to the instructor for grading before the final day of the course in which the student is enrolled.

*No exceptions.

$ 499

Regular fee for the SAT Prep Course

– $ 200

MCHS and Cornerstone Academic partnership discount

$ 299

SAT Prep Course fee for MCHS Juniors

– $ 50

Perfect attendance refund if all requirements are met

$ 249

SAT Prep Course fee if all criteria are met

SAT Preparation Course Enrollment