“Cornerstone Academic ACT Test Prep is Awesome! They helped my son improve his test score and finally get accepted into the college of his choice. My son took the ACT twice making the same score both times. I decided to enroll him in the ACT Test Prep course before taking the test again.

The instructors were great and the material was extremely helpful. My son’s test score increased 5 points! I also recommend the Unlimited Tutoring. Unlimited tutoring in all subjects for one price is just what my son needed to help him throughout his high school years. Thanks Cornerstone!”


Parent of a Mill Creek High School Senior, Class of 2017

“Cornerstone Academic has truly helped me throughout my high school years. The instructors here are very knowledgeable and they did a great job at assisting me in the materials that I was having a difficult time in.

They made sure that I actually understood what I was learning and were always there to accommodate me. I also took the SAT course which greatly helped me prepare and score higher on the exam.

These programs have surely impacted me and my studies, and I appreciate them.”

Anjali M.

Duluth High School, Class of 2017

“Cornerstone Academic has provided me with tremendous help with all my classes, especially math. This semester I began to take Calculus 1. It was so confusing and I did not understand anything my teacher taught me. I struggled doing the homework by myself, but once I went to Cornerstone for help it became a breeze. I actually learned and understood the material. I ended up getting an “A” on my first exam too! The tutors at Cornerstone really know how to teach and prepare students!”

Janice F.

Archer High School Senior, Class of 2017

“Thank you for offering the free testing and analysis and the additional services to improve the score! We always recommend your service to others, and we always will. My son applied to three colleges and was accepted by all three! My older children put all their eggs in one basket like I did and got into the college of our choice early on…You have an awesome program and we will continue to recommend your services!”


Parent of an Allatoona High School Junior, Class of 2017

“Cornerstone has been such a help for me and my grades. The [instructors] know their stuff and are very positive and the environment is friendly and full of life.” Alex O.

Alpharetta High School, Class of 2016

“Well let’s just say MATH was not my thing – or, at least until I worked with the tutors at Cornerstone Academic. For the first time in Middle/High School I was able to work with instructors who helped to bridge the concepts. With their help I was able to improve my quiz & test grades by 10-20 points! The other great thing about their Unlimited Tutoring program is I was able to reference any topic during my sessions…I wasn’t limited by subject & expected to pay more if I wanted to discuss Economics to Physics to Language Arts. Thank you Cornerstone – I recommend anyone & everyone to take advantage of your great programs!” Lyndsey S.

North Gwinnett High School, Class of 2015

“I am very happy that I went to this program because not only did it help raise my SAT score 240 points more, but it also boosted my confidence. It helped improve my skills in reading, writing and math. I would like to thank the staff for their effort and dedication in helping me improve my score.” Christina P.

Class of 2016, Parkview High School

“I want to thank Cornerstone Academic for a whopping boost in my SAT score! Going into this class I thought there is no possible way my score will go up 200 points. The first class where we went over the material helped tremendously right out of the gate.  [The instructor] goes over the material so well and helps you look at the problems in whole new different way that you would never think of. He goes over how to approach the problems and how to narrow down some answer possibilities with the class, and if you still don’t understand he takes the time to go one on one with you until you do understand it. My scores steadily started going up but when [the instructor] started to teach the math section my scores immediately sky rocketed. I thought the math section was so difficult at first, but once I started learning the strategies, it became so easy.  [The instructor] is so good at connecting with the learner and teaching confusing things quite simply.  I strongly recommend this class to anyone taking the SAT.  If you take the time during the classes to pay attention and try to get better, I guarantee you will see results. My essay score also doubled from beginning to end!  This class is the real deal and will continue to help you improve your scores even after the class is over!”

Nick C.

Peachtree Ridge High School, Class of 2015

“Having worked with Cornerstone Academic in the past, I knew the SAT class would be beneficial to me. I expected a 200 point increase and came out with a 500 point increase! With the help of the amazing and dedicated tutors, I was able to increase my SAT score from 1510 to a 2010. The tutors are very dedicated to their job and take it very seriously. The class is a positive learning environment, where all of the students’ questions are answered. The staff goes out of their way to stay in touch with the students and make sure they are accomplishing their goals. I wouldn’t have learned the skills I did without the help of Cornerstone Academic and am so grateful. I would definitely recommend these SAT classes! You won’t be let down! 

Simran K.

Brookwood High School, Class of 2015

“Before going into this class, I thought that it really wouldn’t do a whole lot for me. In retrospect, I was glad I registered for it as this class taught me so much and really helped me to reach my full potential. Thanks to Cornerstone Academic my SAT score increased by 160 points to a 2230 when I took the actual exam. My friends have taken other SAT prep classes and I can promise that theirs were not nearly as effective as Cornerstone was. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take an SAT course.”

Sam K.

Mill Creek High School, Class of 2014

“I owe my thanks to Cornerstone Academic for my performance on the SAT. I took my first SAT ever, as a diagnostic, free with Cornerstone, and earned a 1820. After taking a few classes with Cornerstone, my superscore increased to 2010; that’s 190 points!!! They taught me how to take the test and how to study for the test. They teach amazing strategies you simply can’t find in SAT practice books. They also helped me with my college admissions essay; I’ve gotten into my top 3 schools!!! The knowledge I gained by taking classes with Cornerstone is priceless; I recommend their courses to everyone who asks how I got my score so high!”

Briana K.

Parkview High School, Class of 2014

“I was nervous at first to take an SAT class because I had never done anything SAT related before. Aside from the PSAT, this class was the first exposure I had to an actual SAT and I’m extremely grateful that my mom signed me up. This class not only taught me what the SAT was about, but also how to manage my time during each section effectively. I started the class with a score of 1680, and was able to raise it to a super-score of 2010. I am so thankful for everything Cornerstone has taught me and I would definitely recommend the class to anyone planning on taking the SAT!”

Kendall J.

Dacula High School, Class of 2014

“The myriad of SAT books available are no match for Cornerstone Academic. I believe that the way they truly caused my score to go up 250 points was by taking actual SAT tests in class. Had I not taken the course, I know for a fact my score never would have increased. I totally recommend this course because of its hands on approach. The engaging personalities of the instructors made it really easy to pay attention! I was easily able to pay attention to every trick and method they suggested. If you want raise your score then choose Cornerstone Academic. I guarantee that there is no better course to rely on. Thanks Cornerstone!”

Moyna G.

Duluth High School, Class of 2014

Cornerstone Academic taught me things that helped me raise my score that I would have never known if I didn’t take the course. I am so glad I turned to Cornerstone Academic for help with studying for the SAT. [From] my first practice test to the real SAT, I increased 260 points! I am very pleased with my score. Cornerstone Academic has exquisite teaching techniques; they not only taught me how to study for the SAT, but also how to take the SAT.”

Faith E.

Dacula High School, Class of 2014

“Cornerstone Academic offers a comprehensive yet concise SAT course that covers all major topics. Though you can practice problems from a book all day long, you will never get what this class will give you: step by step training that trains your brain to think the way it should during the SAT. From little test taking strategies to hard-core review, we got it all. My essay score rose from a 7 to an 11 thanks to the class, and my overall score rose from a 1950 to a 2180. I received a 2210 on the REAL SAT! I highly recommend this class to all students looking to raise their score!!!”

Aashna P.

Duluth High School, Class of 2014

“Cornerstone Academic Services helped me more than I ever thought it would. At the beginning of the prep course,my practice SAT test score was 1750, which I was pleased with. However, the tutors encouraged me to try for better. Throughout the course, they taught me different techniques and ways of answering a variety of questions, and with their help, I quickly learned more. We took many practice tests and this familiarized me with the test. My scores steadily rose, and by the time I took the real SAT, I received a score of 2010. They helped me raise my SAT score by 260 points. Through experience, I can guarantee that with the guidance of Cornerstone Academic, any student can improve their SAT score.”

Atanas M.

Duluth High School, Class of 2013

“This course helped me improve in all sections of the SAT. On my first diagnostic, I received an overall score of 1510, but on the fourth, and final, test I received a score of 1780, increasing my score 270 points! Not only did the instructors make the content easy to understand, but they answered everyone’s questions in a clear and precise manner. The instructors also make what could have been a daily lecturing session into an easy-going course where a funny joke here or there is not uncommon. The combination of an effective teaching style and comprehensive lessons make Cornerstone Academic the perfect place to go when in need to increase your SAT score.”

Kaylin S.

Dacula High School, Class of 2014

“We are so grateful to Cornerstone Academic!  Signing-up my kids for the SAT Prep class was one of the best decisions we have made! By the third diagnostic test, their scores improved an average of 200 points! My kids learned test taking techniques and how to budget their time. Math and Language Arts basics were taught. The faculty is very friendly and extremely competent. Besides helping them to improve their SAT scores, this class has been extremely helpful with school work as well. They have learned techniques which they have already applied to their Math and Language Arts classes in High School! Kudos to Cornerstone Academic!”

Enid T.

Parent of a MIll Creek High School Student

“I just wanted to take a moment to give some feedback on the SAT class given by Cornerstone Academic that my daughter took this past month at Dacula High School.  Her score improved 270 points from 1510 to 1780.  We are very pleased with the results.  My daughter spoke VERY highly of the instructors (says that they are her BOYZ!), which is a lot coming from a teenager!  She said the class not only helped with the SAT but in her general coursework as well.  In a time when finances can be challenging, this was well worth the $399 course fee.  I was going to put her in another company’s course but was having a difficult time coordinating a time with my schedule.  This course was so convenient and, my guess, was probably overall better.  I have recommended the spring course to several other parents.  The staff was always kind and courteous to me during all the communication that I had with them.  In this day when people generally only take the time to send complaints, I wanted to make sure you got some well-deserved feedback concerning Cornerstone, its staff and the course content.”


Parent of a Dacula High School Student

“I want to thank Cornerstone Academic because they have helped me improve my SAT score tremendously! I went from a 1620 all the way up to a 2010 in the three week course that I took with them. That’s 390 points! I took four practice tests, so I was able to get a lot of practice. Also, the way that the tutors teach is effective because they teach each concept that will show up on the SAT (such as writing essays, completing sentences with two blanks, and probability) and then give examples and practice problems. This sounds straight forward, but I’ve been to other SAT prep classes where the tutor would make the class do practice problems and explain why the answer was right, but they never actually taught me how to approach the problem or how to think the problem through the way that Cornerstone does. The tutors at Cornerstone Academic actually cared about how much I understood, and they genuinely wanted me to improve, so they took the time to thoroughly explain concepts that I struggled with, even if it meant staying after class. The tutors were also really friendly and took out any tension in the classroom by making jokes, sharing stories (that sometimes helped reinforce what they were teaching), and talking to us like we were their friends and not strictly their students. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend taking this SAT prep course because you will see improvement in these few weeks; every single person who was in my class showed improvement in their scores, and to get the most out of this course, I recommend being active by asking questions, taking notes, and doing the homework, which is actually not asking for much to get great results.”

Vivian V.

Duluth High School, Class of 2015

“The first time I took the SAT, I received a 1300. After the Cornerstone SAT Prep Course at Duluth High School, I earned a 1500 on my SAT! I just want to say thank you for the help and appreciate everything you guys did.”


Duluth High School, Class of 2013

“In November 2011, our son took the SAT Test and received a score of 1450. He took the 4-week Cornerstone SAT Prep Course in April 2012 and re-sat the SAT Test in May 2012. Thanks to the effective job by Cornerstone Academic, our son’s SAT score increased significantly by 120 points!”

Trevor and Annmarie J.

Parents of a Rising Senior, Duluth High School